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Top tips on how not to pet-rify your furry friends this Halloween

Top tips on how not to pet-rify your furry friends this Halloween

Pet owners don’t need to face Halloween with fear — our pets are the heart of our families so why not let your cats and dogs join in the spooktacular celebrations this Halloween too? While us humans enjoy getting a little spooked at Halloween, if you're not careful, your four-legged friends can find it truly scary...

Freshpet, the UK’s first refrigerated, batch cooked pet food, which is sold in Tesco stores nationwide, has some handy hints for how you can keep your scaredy-cat or cowardly-canine safe during all the ghostly goings-on:

How not to let your pet get spooked!

  • Dress up time! Many pets enjoy dressing up particularly at Halloween (the Freshpet poochies had a fabulous time on our photoshoot), but NEVER force your dog to wear a costume.  If your pet is happy to dress up make sure garments are appropriate to the animal, their movements aren’t restricted, and materials are flame resistant.

  • Time Out — While you are enjoying the festivities, make sure your pets have a safe haven in a room where they can feel comfortable and relaxed. That way, if they want some quiet time they can.

  • Unwanted visitors? If you are staying in, frequent calls at the door from costumed trick-or-treaters may make your pet anxious or stressed. Masks and costumes can cause even the most familiar people to look and smell different to your pet.

  • Phantom feast! Feed your pets their usual food well before the evening’s festivities get going, so their tummies are full and they are content. Avoid letting them chomp on the sweet rewards from your trick or treating. Don’t forget that chocolate is poisonous to dogs.

  • Going trick or treating? Leave your dog at home to avoid them getting overexcited or trying to eat chocolatey treats (which should be avoided at all costs because chocolate is toxic for dogs). If you return laden with sweets, make sure you keep them out of reach — if dogs wolf down a large quantity of sweets, such as the bounty from trick or treating, they can develop an inflammation of the pancreas, due to a sizeable ingestion of sugar.

  • Safety first! Never leave your pets alone with Halloween decorations — all hell could break loose (and not in a good way)! Be particularly careful of lit pumpkins. Many people enjoy putting candles inside carved pumpkins, and dogs may inadvertently cause a fire or burn themselves if they knock it over with an overzealous nose or wagging tail. Never leave your pet unattended with a lit candle, even when it is inside a pumpkin.

  • Bang! Even though it’s a few days before Bonfire night, fireworks and sparklers still get let off on 31st October. Keep pets inside, and away from the noise — putting some music on may help to disguise those loud bangs.

Cathal Walsh, European MD of Freshpet says: “With Halloween celebrations becoming bigger in the UK than ever before, it can be a fun time for families and friends. There's no harm in letting your furry companions join in the fun with spooky outfits and special treats — as long as they’re suitable for pets — but don’t forget they are animals, so treat them with the love and respect they deserve.”

For an extra special ‘treat’ for dogs this Halloween, Freshpet is launching the UK’s first ever fresh, refrigerated turkey bacon treats just for our canine friends. Aptly named ‘Dog Joy’ for bringing little moments of joy to our beloved pets, these 'pawfect' treats are perfect for furry friends who have been good all year round, not just for trick or treating.

These wholesome strips of naturally wood-smoked turkey bacon look and smell just like human turkey bacon, and are free from corn, wheat, soy by-products, and fillers. They also offer a good source of natural protein, are hypoallergenic, and contain NO rendered meats, artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. 'Dog Joy Turkey Bacon' comes in a resealable bag for freshness and has been developed by vets, scientists, and nutritionists, thoughtfully prepared and cooked in small batches at lower temperatures to preserve key nutrients, and is kept cool from the moment they are made, until they arrive at Freshpet Fridges in UK supermarkets.

Freshpet’s 'Dog Joy Turkey Bacon' is available in the Freshpet chiller cabinet in the pet aisle in Tesco, sitting alongside its already popular batched cooked, chilled fresh food for pets, which launched earlier this year.

Available at select Tesco stores, Freshpet Dog Joy Turkey & Bacon, 85g, RRP £3.99.