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THROUGH THE FLEA HOLE: Celebrity pups give a sneak-peek inside their famous owners’ homes

THROUGH THE FLEA HOLE: Celebrity pups give a sneak-peek inside their famous owners’ homes

With their owners usually taking the spotlight, the four-legged friends of Binky Felstead and Louis Smith tried their paws at being in front of the camera in a new campaign for FRONTLINE Plus, the most advanced flea and tick protection within the FRONTLINE® range.

Scrumble the spaniel and Luna the husky take viewers on a guided walkies through their cribs and ask them to guess ‘who would live in a house like this?’

Scrumble, who has a fanbase of his own after starring in Made In Chelsea alongside his famous mum Binky Felstead, shows viewers around their home which has changed a little over the last few months. The chew toys and doggy bed have been pushed aside to make room for a moses basket, rattles and dummies since the arrival of baby India in June this year.

Luna whizzes around the home of her Olympic medal winning dad Louis Smith. As well as showing off his impressive collection of medals, MBEs and Strictly Come Dancing trophies, Luna also reveals his amazing Harry Potter bedroom, complete with a secret den hidden behind a bookcase!

Both pampered pooches are helping to raise awareness of the need to protect both pets and their homes from fleas this summer. Fleas found on pets are only a small part  of a flea problem as fleas lay eggs that fall off your pet, hatch, and infest your home making them difficult to eradicate.

FRONTLINE Plus gives homeowners enhanced protection as it tackles both fleas and their eggs, and it also kills ticks too.

Visit the Frontline Facebook page for the videos and see Scrumble and Luna in action.

For more information on protecting your pets and your home from fleas this summer, visit the Frontline website.