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Test your dog's sense of smell

A dog may not rely on their sense of smell as much as we think. New research found dogs may use their memories more than their noses. You can test your dog out too.

US scientists used a basic game to see whether dogs would use their memories or senses of smell to find hidden treats.

Two cups were placed upside down in front of each dog. The pet then watched as their owner placed a treat under one of the cups. The dog was then not allowed to see as their owners moved the tasty treat and hid it under the other cup. Each dog was then called over. If the dogs were using their senses of smell they would have sniffed out the reward and headed straight for the cup with the treat beneath it. However, of the 500 pet dogs who were tested most got it wrong. They simply went towards the cup where they had seen the treat placed by the owner.

Would your dog use his memory or his nose? Try this out on your pet to find out. Place two cups upside down and let your dog see you put a treat under one. Then don't let him see as you switch the treat — will he use his memory or nose when he goes in search of the treat? Send us a video of your dog taking the test to We may then share some on the blog showing how your dogs fared!

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