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Never lose your pet again with Kippy GPS for dogs

'I've lost my dog' — four words no owner ever wants to say...

A lost dog is every owner's worst nightmare. Your only thought will be 'how to find my dog' and bring him home as soon as possible.

Thousands of dogs go missing in the UK every year. The Dogs Trust's stray dog report 2016 estimated that 81,050 stray dogs were handled by local authorities in a year. While the theft of dogs has become an increasing problem in the last five years. The number of reported thefts increased every year between 2013 and 2015, with the figure for last year also expected to be around 1,200.

While mandatory microchipping and ensuring your dog wears a collar and ID tag — also a legal requirement — helps to reunite lost pets with owners, it is not everything you can do to protect your pet.

The Kippy GPS for dogs is a tracker which allows you to follow your dog's every move on an app on any phone, tablet or PC. The system allows owners to check the position of their dog in real time, as well as create a 'Geofence' meaning you will receive a warning if your pet leaves a set area.

Made of steel and extra-grip velcro, the Kippy GPS for dogs attaches to your pet's collar and is waterproof, shock resistant, and has a battery life of seven days so you don't have to worry about your pet losing or breaking the device. For greater safety, the device also uses two types of technology to keep track of dogs: GPS and in the absence of GPS signal, LBS through the phone cells of mobile phones.

A microchip needs to be scanned for it to reunite you with your pet, but with the Kippy GPS for dogs you can keep track of your pet yourself — off the lead, out on a walk, or in the garden, owners can have peace of mind that there pet is not going to become missing.

As well as helping to stop your pet being a missing dog, the Kippy GPS for dogs helps pets get in tip top shape as it is an activity monitor too. Discover your dog's calorie consumption, sleep patterns, time spent running and walking, and how long your dog plays for. Analyse all your dog's stats and set goals to help him reach his peak physical condition.

Find out more by visiting the Kippy website.