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Dog of the Week - Friday 28th July 2017

This week’s top five go to…

5. Oscar

Sent by Josh Felgate via Twitter

dog of the week

“This Guy! Oscar, fun, happy, and he is a handsome chap! ”

4. Freddie

Sent by Nicky Goundry via Facebook

dog of the week

“This is Freddie our 14 week old Cavapoo. He's brought so much extra fun, love and laughter to our family. He's settled in so quickly and is such a good boy. My husband, 2 daughters and I are looking forward to some brilliant adventures with him over the next years.”

3. Booboo

Sent by Ashleigh Mesham via email

dog of the week

“My dog is a 9 yr old, male, Shih Tzu called Booboo. Although he's 9 he still acts like a stroppy teenager. He has his own little mischievous personality. He makes me happy everyday and still keeps me on my toes with his little antics.”

2. Bella

Sent by Gill Clark via Facebook

dog of the week

“I nominate Bella (5) for giving the best hugs to my mum (93) who we hardly ever see as she lives in Jersey. We took both our dogs over to see her for the first time in June and she loved meeting them and they even gave a little agility demo to the folks living with mum in her care home.”

This week we have a joint ‘Dog of the Week’ which goes to…

1. Spooky Boo and Peg

Sent by Tan Morris via Facebook

dog of the week

dog of the week

“Spooky Boo - overcoming a severe spinal injury to enjoying life to the full. Peg - 3 legs and one eye doesn't get her down, in fact we've forgotten she is missing a couple of bits.”

If you would like your dog to be next week's 'Dog of the Week' simply email us with a picture, and short sentence saying why you think they should be featured.


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