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Abandoned Staffy-cross finally finds new home

Abandoned Staffy-cross finally finds new home

Meet Max: part of the canine cast of Petplan’s sponsorship bumpers around brand new feel-good Channel 4 programme: 'Animal Rescue Live: Supervet Special', supported by the UK’s favourite pet insurer.

Staffy-cross Max has spent more than half his life faithfully waiting to find the perfect owner. Finally, the National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) Hertfordshire rehoming centre’s longest resident has found a home worth the wait.

Julie Dawson had wanted to adopt a dog for most of her adult life, but, faced with significant family commitments, she resorted to the website BorrowMyDoggy for a dose of canine companionship. Having seen a photo of Max she impulsively made an appointment to meet him but, unable to align having a dog with caring for her poorly parents, she telephoned the shelter to tell them that the time was not yet right. “I was in tears when I had to cancel” Julie said.

Finally in April of this year Julie felt in a position to welcome a furry friend into her life and she hadn’t been able to forget Max. She visited him twice a week at NAWT’s centre in Watford: “visiting him in the place he felt safe was really important. We quickly built up that bond and connection and I thought ‘I’m sure we could have something here, us two’.” When Max’s move-in day finally came, this most patient pup was ready for his new start. “He sat up in the car as soon as we arrived in Basingstoke” says Julie, “it’s like he knew he was home!”

A few weeks down the line and Julie and Max have settled into a happy routine: “He’s so calm and content now, it’s like he knows he’s in a good place, he’s a happy soul.”

Julie visits her elderly father daily, who suffers with dementia, and Max has become the perfect partner in her role as a Carer: “My dad has always loved dogs and he looks forward to seeing Max. Max senses he has to be gentle and docile around him, and he knows when to give my dad space too.”

Suffering from a painful glaucoma, ten-year-old Max lost his left eye in October 2015. “I think that’s partly why he was left in the shelter for four and a half years” says Julie, “people want to adopt pedigree dogs or don’t think he’s beautiful because he’s missing an eye. I think he’s beautiful and he’s such a bright boy. I want to make the last part of his life the best part of his life and I hope to adopt an older dog again someday, Max has inspired me.”

Commenting on the fact that Petplan works with over 1,200 rehoming charities in the UK, providing four weeks free insurance to all rehomed pets, Julie says: “It’s so reassuring to know that your new pet has insurance in place while they settle into their new home; it means you come away with total peace of mind, letting you focus on enjoying the first weeks with the newest addition to your family. It’s marvellous that Petplan support charities like the National Animal Welfare Trust where Max came from.”