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Why has my dog changed his mind about his food?

Why has my dog changed his mind about his food?

(Q) Why do some dogs eat the same food for ages then suddenly turn their backs on it? One of my dogs is diabetic so I have to give in to her demands, but my other two dogs then get fussy as well.

(A) Vet John Burns says: The most likely cause of this intermittent loss of appetite is that you are giving your dogs too much food. Your dogs are trying to oblige by eating everything you put in front of them until they can’t take any more. Your response is to try something different, usually tastier. This is bad enough with a healthy dog, but a diabetic dog needs stability — regular, similar meals, and steady insulin dosage. 

If you aren’t already doing so, I recommend giving your dog a food formulated for diabetic dogs. Aim to feed below the recommended daily amount. A smaller regular meal might allow you to reduce the insulin dosage.


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