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How to keep your dog calm throughout firework season

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How to keep your dog calm on Bonfire Night 

Make Bonfire Night a stress-free experience for your dog with Beaphar’s top tips:

Before Bonfire Night

  • Check the contact information on your dog’s collar, and make sure their microchip is up-to-date just in case they get outside during a firework display.

  • Find out the dates and times of firework displays near you.

  • Play a low-level recording of firework sounds to help prepare your dog.

  • Create or firework proof a dog den — blankets can be used to muffle the sound of fireworks.

  • Use Beaphar Calming Spot On, which can reduce stress in your dog for up to one week.

On Bonfire Night

  • Walk, feed and take your dog for a toilet break well before fireworks start to help them settle.

  • Close curtains, windows, doors and dog flaps so your dog can’t venture outside.

  • Distract your dog using music, the television and their favourite toys.

  • Act natural, this will help your dog feel more relaxed.

For more information, visit the Beaphar website.

How to keep your dog calm on Bonfire Night

Mekuti tips for firework season:

Body Wraps and T-Shirts transform your dog’s stress into calm during fireworks or thunderstorms. They work like a ‘portable hug’.

Mrs MH from Easingwold was delighted when her previously petrified 10 year old collie spent an entire thunderstorm asleep in his wrap, even during a close lightning strike: “There was a terrifying bang. He just lifted his head and looked at me. It was miraculous!”

Avoiding eye-contact reassures your dog that all is well. If they look at you, just look away and breathe out. Anxiety is infectious, so try relaxed breathing or even yawning to give your dog calming-signals to copy.

Exercise in daylight, as more fireworks are set off at night time.

Consider using a harness with a double-ended lead attached to both it and their collar for safety, security and comfort. Remember, frightened dogs don’t plan where they are going. 

Buy online at the Mekuti website.

How to keep your dog calm on Bonfire Night

Firework advice from Pet Remedy:

Fireworks and party season is fast approaching and Pet Remedy will help pets that become stressed during this busy period.

Pet Remedy is a natural and clinically proven blend of valerian based essential oils which helps calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets, and works with the pet’s own natural calming mechanisms.

A great advantage of Pet Remedy is that it starts to help instantly.

Suitable for all mammals, birds, and reptiles, including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, horses, and even parrots.

Available as a plug diffuser,  battery operated atomiser,  calming sprays, and even individual calming wipes.

Pet Remedy will also help with separation anxiety, travel, and any other stressful situations for your pets.

See hundreds of reviews and comments on the Pet Remedy website, and on the Pet Remedy Facebook page!

Available from your vet, or local pet shop (including Pets at Home and Pets Corner) or direct from us 01803 8612772 –

How to keep your dog calm throughout firework season 

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