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Help! My dog is allergic to dust!

Help! My dog is allergic to dust!

(Q) My Dobermann is allergic to dust and storage mites. He has immunotherapy and I give him Piriton, but he is still so itchy and constantly licks and scratches.

(A) Vet Roberta Baxter says: Immunotherapy can be helpful in the treatment of allergies in many cases, but some dogs need other treatments too. Firstly, reduce your dog’s exposure to these mites as much as possible. Ideally such a dog should be kept in a house with solid floors rather than carpets, with his bedding (preferably cotton) regularly washed at a high temperature, with no detergent as this can also cause sensitivity. Use a pet vacuum cleaner to reduce dust in the environment and a household flea spray regularly, as this reduces the number of dust mites in the environment.

If your dog has a dry food diet, it can help to keep it in the freezer and just get out enough kibble for each day 12 hours or so ahead of time as this reduces the numbers of storage mites in the food.

If this does not resolve the issue, then it is worth seeking further veterinary advice in case there are other allergies that need treating in a different way, or in case it is appropriate to try a different combination of medicines. An essential fatty acid supplement might also be advisable just to improve the skin barrier to allergens.

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