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10 tricks to give your dog the X-factor

With a little time and patience, all pet dogs can learn tricks to give them a little ‘X-factor sparkle’. Teaching tricks can also improve the bond between you, reduce boredom, and decrease the risk of injury as your dog becomes more flexible and develops body awareness.

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Throw a party for your dog

Birthday cake, balloons, party games — celebrate your dog's birthday in style with a celebratory bash.

It's a good opportunity for your pet to meet different dogs and for you both to socialise with other owners and their canine friends. So, if you're feeling inspired to throw your own doggy bash, follow our tips to help get the celebrations under way in the best possible style.

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How can I put on my own fun dog show?

If you’ve caught the fun dog show buzz, how about organising your own show for other owners and their dogs to enjoy? Running a fun dog show can be extremely rewarding — and everything you need to know is right here.

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How to get started in dog agility

Would you like to start competing in agility with your dog? Agility trainer Lee Gibson, who's represented Great Britain in the World Championships and won in agility consistently at UK and European levels, explains how to get started in agility.

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