All About Fleas and Ticks

All About Fleas and Ticks

Treating ticks in dogs

It's important to check your dog for ticks on a regular basis...

What are tick-borne diseases?

Ticks are more than just an irritation to your dog - they can be a serious health risk too.

What are ticks?

Ticks are extremely unpleasant parasites and can transmit a range of diseases.

Getting rid of fleas on dogs

There's no doubt about it - the mighty flea is the toughest of adversaries and the bane of any dog and his owner's lives.

When should I flea my dog?

No dog is immune from fleas. What's more, they can make your life as much of a misery as your dog's. But with the right dog flea treatment, you could eliminate fleas from both of your lives.

Five useful flea-fighting tips

Take a look at our five useful flea-fighting tips for both your pets and your home...

Does my dog have fleas?

Some dogs may scratch a lot if they have fleas and some may not, so here’s a list of other signs to look out for...

How to remove a tick

Take a look at our 3-step-guide to removing a tick correctly and safely...

Flea prevention for dogs

Safeguarding your dog/puppy and your home against fleas and ticks will help to protect against disease and prevent large vet's bills.