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How to prepare your dog for his vet visit

The vet’s clinic plays an important role in your dog’s life and if your dog is happy to visit, then it is one less thing to worry about.

My dog has been diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. What happens now?

Thrombocytopenia means low platelet levels in the blood, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Why does my dog have blood in his wee?

Blood in/on the urine normally indicates a bladder or kidney problem, and should definitely be checked out by your vet.

Is my dog's long hair the cause of the gunk in his eyes?

Ever wondered if your dog's long hair is causing problems with his eyes? Groomer Diana North explains the issues long-haired dogs can face.

Can I feed my dog a mixed diet of raw and prepared food?

Are you thinking about including raw food in your dog's diet, but aren't sure whether to mix it with his prepared food? Vet John Burns shares his advice.

Why is my dog sick after he eats?

Some dogs have quite small stomachs and can't cope when they are full, says vet Roberta Baxter...

Should I get one or two dogs?

Want to bring a second dog into your home? Then you need to consider the impact on your current pet, explains Jackie Drakeford.

Help! My dog's wee is burning our lawn!

There are several possible solutions to this problem, including changing the amount of protein your dog eats, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

All abroad? Don’t forget your dog’s passport.

At home, your dog is probably part of the family, so you may feel sad leaving your pet behind when you’re going abroad on holiday. Having a pet passport means your dog can go to  [ ... ]

When is the right time to say goodbye to your dog?

Every dog owner lives in dread of the day when they will have to say goodbye to their trusted friend. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to put your dog to sleep?

Where should my pet’s final resting place be?

Losing a much-loved pet is hard enough to cope with, without worrying about where their final resting place will be. Sue Corfield advises.

Why does my puppy eat his poo?

Coprophagia always evokes horror in owners. The truth is that most puppies will engage in the activity at some stage...

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