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Welsh Corgi Pembroke Breed Profile

Welsh Corgi Pembroke fact file

KC Group: pastoral
Size: medium
Good with children?: seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: moderate
Good guard dogs?: would bark
Moulting level: medium
Grooming: moderate
Jogging partner: no

The Queen's favourite! This charming little dog makes a loyal companion to all ages. Full of fun, intelligence and a willingness to please, they make great watchdogs and will adapt to all ways of life.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Character

There's a big dog wanting to get out! Outgoing, fun and playful, it will be boss if you let it. Intelligent, relativity easy to obedience train, but keep training enjoyable. A good child's companion.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Size

Small - the Breed Standard stipulates 25-30cm at the shoulder. Dogs should be 10-12kg, bitches 9-11kg.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Health

Back problems do occur, but generally this is a healthy breed with few specific problems.

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Special Care

Watch the back. Climbing stairs regularly or jumping off settees could possibly cause injury.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.