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Smooth Collie Breed Profile

Smooth Collie fact file

KC Group: Pastoral
Size: Medium to large, Dogs stand 56-61cm at the shoulders and bitches 51-56cm. Dogs weigh between 20.5-29.5kg and bitches between 18-25kg.
Good with children?: Yes recommended
Exercise requirement: Varied, around an hour a day minimum, but will enjoy as much as you can give them once they are adults.
Good guard dogs?: No, whilst a herding breed (and so protective of their family) the smooth collie is a companion foremost.
Moulting level: Medium
Grooming: Once a week with extra grooming required when casting the coat.
Jogging partner: Yes

The smooth collie is a handsome breed with a striking silhouette and soft expression, with a short, weatherproof coat. The Smooth Collie comes in three recognised colours, sable, tri-colour and blue merle, all with white marking to the neck, legs and sometimes tip of the tail and a blaze or stripe on the head.

A very intelligent breed, originally used for herding and droving livestock to market, the smooth collie has now turned his paws to a variety of roles including search and rescue, disability assistance and medical detection as well as making ideal family companions. They enjoy a variety of activities with their owners such as agility, tracking and CaniX.

Smooth Collie Character

The Smooth Collie is an active, friendly and intelligent dog. They make excellent house dogs and bond closely with their family. They are happiest when with their family, whether it is curled up on the sofa with you or out walking the fells. Due to their gentle nature they make excellent companions for children and are always happy to play when treated with respect. Smooth Collies are also good with other animals, and with careful introductions can live happily with cats and chickens for example.

Smooth Collie Size

The Breed Standard stipulates that an ideal size varies between 51-61cm.

Smooth Collie Health

A generally healthy breed but dental hygiene should be monitored closely. Collies tend to suffer from Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) but breeders are working to eradicate this and screen puppies and breeding stock.

Smooth Collie Special Care

Cuddles and love, kind words and attention, this is all the special care a smooth collie needs!

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