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Shar Pei Breed Profile

Shar Pei fact file

KC Group: utility
Size: medium
Good with children?: seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: moderate
Good guard dogs?: yes
Moulting level: low
Grooming: little
Jogging partner: short runs

A strong, powerful dog, yet one who is gentle with children and full of character. Higher-than-average tendency for health issues.

Shar Pei Character

Originally bred as fighting dogs (as well as food!), today the Shar Pei is a lot less aggressive, although the 'fighting' instinct not entirely dispersed. The Breed Standard describes them as "Calm, independent, very affectionate, and devoted to people". They are good with children, but care should be taken with other dogs.

Shar Pei Size

Medium. The Breed Standard stipulates the height should be between 46-51cm.

Shar Pei Health

Take real care in selecting your breeder, as the Shar Pei is prone to a number of health issues. Eyes and skin infections are common.

Shar Pei Special Care

Read up on the potential health problems associated with the breed and choose your breeder with care.

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