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Eskimo Dog Breed Profile

Eskimo Dog fact file

KC Group: Working
Size: Large
Good with children?: Seek breeder advice
Exercise requirement: Lots
Good guard dogs?: Would bark
Moulting level: High
Grooming: Moderate
Jogging partner: Yes

Originally found in the Canadian Arctic, the Eskimo Dog was prized for its ability to pull great loads, search out seal breathing holes and attack and hold polar bears and musk ox, becoming an essential survival item for the native Innuit population.

Eskimo Dog Character

The Breed Standard describes them as being "affectionate, enjoying attention. Pack orientated with extremely rapid response to outside stimulus."

Eskimo Dog Size

Dogs should measure between 58-70cm and bitches 50-60cm.

Eskimo Dog Health

A hearty and hardwearing breed, its great endurance has meant that the breed is generally healthy and free from congenital disorders.

Eskimo Dog Special Care

They thrive in cold, inhospitable climates so care should be taken that they do not over-heat in more moderate locations.

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