The Your Dog Puppy Guide

The Your Dog Puppy Guide

Dogs don’t have the reputation for being man’s best friend for nothing! They’re faithful, obedient (sometimes), and fun! Offering unconditional love for nothing more than a regular meal, plenty of pats, a roof overhead, and frequent exercise. Who wouldn’t want a pup to call their own?

The Your Dog Puppy Guide leads you through the process of finding and choosing a puppy so that you and your new canine companion get off to the best start. There are questions to ask breeders and information about the most popular breeds to help you choose the puppy which will suit you best.

Once you’ve found your new pal, there’s help choosing the kit he’ll need and advice to help you make sure your home and family are prepared for your new arrival. Puppy will no doubt be a little uneasy on leaving his mum and littermates but he’ll also want to get to know you and explore his new surroundings. He’ll probably be at his most receptive to new experiences when he arrives and you’ll want to make the most of this socialisation period, while keeping him safe until he’s completed his vaccination programme.

The Your Dog Puppy Guide offers advice on how you can achieve this while starting your puppy’s early education. Topics include house training and introducing the collar and lead, before moving on to basic commands. There’s also comprehensive and practical information on canine health and behaviour — in fact everything you’d expect from the publishers of Britain’s best-selling dog magazine, Your Dog.

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