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Your Dog Rescue Centres

Looking for a dog? Search our rescue centre finder for the perfect dog or puppy!

If you want to share your life with a dog, rescue centres are full of dogs looking for their forever homes, of all sizes, shapes, ages, and breeds. Taking on a rescue dog is a big decision, which can lead to great rewards. Once you've decided that you'd like to welcome a rescue dog into your life, find a rescue centre here.

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Greyhound Rescue West of England

Web. Email. Tel 07000 785092

Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) is the UK´s largest independent charity dedicated to ......more


Birch Hill Dog Rescue

Web. Email. Tel 01299 270406

Birch Hill Dog Rescue began in a small way some 14 years ago working with other rescue ......more

Bullies In Need

Web. Email. Tel 07780 541143

Bullies In Need was set up by 3 bull terrier owners in 2002 as a bull terrier rescue ......more

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