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How can I stop my puppy chasing my cat?

When cats run they almost inevitably get chased, trainer Elizabeth Kershaw explains.

Which are the best nail clippers for a large dog?

It is recommended that you use the pliers-type nail clippers for large dogs. Follow our top tips to ensure you trim your dog's nails safely and properly...

How important is it to condition your dog’s coat?

Conditioning a dog’s coat after bathing can make it more manageable but this will depend on the coat type, explains groomer Diana North.

Help! My dog is refusing to go on a walk!

Problems with exercise tolerance can result from musculoskeletal problems such as joint pain and arthritis, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

How can I help my puppy to calm down?

Teach your pup to settle down anywhere.

Microchipping your dog

No one wants to lose their pet. But in the event that your dog does go missing, it is commonly agreed that the best chance of finding him is through a microchip – so much so that [ ... ]

My dog has been diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. What happens now?

Thrombocytopenia means low platelet levels in the blood, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Battersea Q&A: Can my rescue dog live in a kennel?

Ever wondered where is best to keep your dog? Canine welfare trainer Nathalie Ingham shares her knowledge on providing a suitable environment for your dog.

Treating ticks in dogs

If you're saying to yourself "My dog has ticks" - here's how to treat ticks in dogs.

What should I do with my dog's poo?

There's no avoiding it, so what do you do with your dog's poo? Elaine Everest comes up with some ideas.

Why has my dog's microchip made him swell?

It is not normal to get a swelling at the site of a microchip implantation, but it does occasionally happen. Vet Roberta Baxter explains.

Will acupuncture help my arthritic dog?

Acupuncture is an effective form of pain relief for arthritis and will stimulate the release of your dog's own natural internal painkillers to ease their joints. 

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