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Havanese Breed Profile

Havanese fact file

KC Group: toy
Size: small
Good with children?: yes recommended
Exercise requirement: little
Good guard dogs?: would bark
Moulting level: low
Grooming: lots
Jogging partner: short runs

This little dog would make an ideal companion with their gentle and affectionate nature. The Havanese is extremely intelligent, once considered the lap dog of the aristocracy they are now much loved pets to many.

Havanese Character

These little dogs are extremely affectionate, gentle dogs with a lively streak! They are extremely playful and are happiest in the company of others. They enjoy being trained but a firm hand is needed, as they can be stubborn!

Havanese Size

The Breed Standard specifies an ideal height of 23-28cm and weight no more then 6k

Havanese Health

No major health problems other than possible eye problems. Annual eye tests are recommended

Havanese Special Care

They require daily brushing and combing, as their coat is extremely long. Particular attention must be paid to the eyes to spot any developing eye problems.

Remember! All breed profiles are general and every dog is an individual.