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Stop the parasite party!

Stop the parasite party!

Do you really know what’s going on with your pet inside and out?

None of us like uninvited creatures near us and the same goes for our pets. Fortunately, Merial Animal Health has launched an engaging new campaign to raise awareness of the effects of parasites such as worms, fleas and ticks on our pets:

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Cupcake's story: A dog fighting survivor

The story of an abused bait dog rescued from the cruel world of dog fighting.

Golden Retriever enjoys splashing around

Golden Retriever enjoys splashing around in a tub of water!

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It is recommended that you use the pliers-type nail clippers for large dogs. Follow our top tips to ensure you trim your dog's nails safely and properly...

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Are you worried that your dog is overweight? Here are some top tips to help you get your dog's weight under control.

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