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Latest Your Dog Advice

Can I have a dog if I work full-time?

Ever wondered if you can successfully combine a career with dog ownership? Trainer Elizabeth Kershaw believes working and owning a dog is quite feasible.

Why does my dog bark at animals on the TV?

He could possibly feel like these animals are invading his home and he needs to defend it, trainer Elizabeth Kershaw explains.

Is my dog trying to talk to me?

Does your dog's bark sometimes sound like he's trying to tell you something? Or just wants to say hello? Behaviourist Steve Goward shares his thoughts.

Why does my dog hate the sound of our doorbell?

Some dogs' long flat ears, are notorious for picking up ear infections and with the possibly high-pitched frequency of some doorbells this could cause discomfort.

Can I create a sensory garden for my dog?

A sensory garden can be the perfect place for your dog to chill out and engage with his surroundings. Kelly Felstead discovers more.


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Your Dog blog

Top 10 mistakes puppy owners make

Puppy mistakes

Trainer Carolyn Menteith reveals the most common mistakes people make when they get a new puppy.

The arrival of a new puppy should be both a fun and enjoyable adventure, but for some people things don’t go exactly to plan. 

By avoiding the top 10 mistakes new puppy owners make, you can ensure that your pup grows into the canine best friend you always dreamed of.

1. Choosing the wrong breed or type for your lifestyle

Many people still think it doesn’t matter what breed or type of dog they get, and choose their puppy purely on looks. While it is important that the dog you choose makes your heart melt, it is far more important that you pick wisely based on more than just that.

Each breed of dog has been designed to do a certain job — and what that job is will largely determine what they are like to live with. Not only that, but it will also dictate the amount of exercise they need, what kind of exercise and games they enjoy, how much grooming they require, how affectionate or aloof they are, and much more besides.


Dog training

My dog goes crazy before a walk!

Elizabeth Kershaw offers tips on how to stop your dog jumping up, barking and crying before you go for a walk.

How do I stop my dog stealing?

Behavourist Claire Arrowsmith gives some advice on how to cope with a dog that's stealing food, which can be a real issue.

Dog Health

Why has my dog replaced her playmate with our neighbour?

Losing a companion can impact on many areas of a dog’s life, behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith explains.

Can I make home-made dog treats?

Our nutritionist Rebecca shares a home-made liver cake recipe that's easy to make and your dog will love...

About fleas

What are ticks?

Ticks pose a threat to many animals, including dogs. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Five useful flea-fighting tips

Flea treatments are just the start of your anti-flea campaign; follow our five-step plan to ensure your home stays free of fleas.

Dog Activities

What type of toys are best for dogs?

Dog toys come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. You can choose from novelty, squeaky, chewy, and plush types.

10 things to do on your dog walks

Learn how to make your dog walks more exciting and enjoyable for both you and your dog with these top 10 tips.