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Dog abandoned in skip finds new forever home!

Dog abandoned in skip finds new forever home!

Labrador dumped in a skip two days before Christmas finds loving new home for 2015 thanks to Wood Green!

A young dog whose previous owner abandoned him in a skip, just two days before Christmas, has found a wonderful new home after being cared for by a Cambridgeshire-based rescue centre.

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Are some dogs more prone to conflict with others?

Are some dogs more prone to conflict with others?

Are some dogs more prone to conflict with others? Carol Price explains why some dogs just don’t see eye to eye.

There are few nicer sights than a group of dogs living together harmoniously, or interacting and playing happily in a local park. It’s a reminder of the extra dimension of pleasure so many dogs can get from the company of their own kind.

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Latest Your Dog Advice

My dog has been diagnosed with thrombocytopenia. What happens now?

Thrombocytopenia means low platelet levels in the blood, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Would a companion keep my dog calm?

Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith shares her advice on how a second dog is not the answer to canine separation anxiety.

Why will my dog only eat with someone standing next to him?

To understand this you need to look at what has triggered this change. The habit is likely to have been learned by you responding to his failure to eat at some stage.

Help! My puppy doesn't get on with my child!

Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith shares her advice on making your puppy feel more comfortable around your children.

Will my dog's actions influence a new puppy?

Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith explains how it is highly possible that a dog's agitation could influence a puppy.

Help! My dog is obsessed with water!

Retraining him as soon as possible is important since every time he performs this activity the behaviour pattern becomes more established.

Why does my dog bark through the night?

Does your dog bark in the night? Trainer Tony cruse explains how to address the night time environment to nullify potential triggers.


Win a headcollar, collar and trigger hook lead from Dogmatic!

Dogmatic headcollar

This week we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a padded cushioned webbing headcollar, collar and trigger hook lead from Dogmatic.

Do you want a headcollar for your dog that is comfortable to wear and does not ride up or go near their eyes?

The award-winning Dogmatic headcollar stops pulling on the lead and is recommended and endorsed by behaviourists, trainers, vets, rescue centres and breeders worldwide. The Dogmatic is the winner of 'Product You Can't Live Without' category in the 2014/15 Your Dog Product Awards – as voted for by Your Dog readers.

Dogmatic offers the widest range of dog headcollars in leather and padded cushioned webbing, all with matching collars and specialised leads/training leads to fit all sizes.


Dog training

VIDEO: Grooming a puppy

Grooming sessions for puppies should not last long and should be an always be enjoyable experience for you and your pup.

Why does my dog only respond to treats?

The transition from food in the hand to no food can be difficult when training. Elizabeth Kershaw offers a few suggestions and techniques you can use. 

Dog Health

What should be in an emergency kit?

There's a limit to how much we can take with us when out walking, so what does Roberta Baxter consider to be an essential item?

Why is my dog reverse sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is commonly experienced by normal dogs, and is often of no consequence. However it can be more common in dogs with inflammation.

About fleas

What are fleas and how can I prevent them?

This common parasite drives dogs and owners mad, says Kelly Felstead, but the war against fleas can be won.

Treating fleas with natural products

Your Dog Magazine's Holistic health expert Holly Mash offers some advice on what natural products might help to keep fleas at bay.

Dog Activities

Is agility good for older dogs?

Do you have an older dog that takes part in agility? Are you worried about their fitness? Elizabeth Kershaw offers her advice...

10 places to meet other dog lovers

Dogs are a great way to meet new friends, their friendly antics lighten the mood and provide common ground. Here we share 10 places where you're sure to meet other dog lovers. 

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