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My dog saved me from anorexia

My dog saved me from anorexia

Anorexia took Marie Hamlin to the brink of despair. But her little dog Blaze had other ideas…

“I didn’t know I needed a dog in my life until I was introduced to an unwanted litter of cross-breed terrier puppies. Th ere was one that nobody else wanted, but he stole my heart and we bonded immediately. Th ere was just something about this special little creature, who I named Blaze.

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A trip down memory lane...

Your Dog editor Sarah Wright reflects on how fast office dog Bertie has grown up

Seeing Kelly’s Henry celebrate his third birthday recently has got us all reminiscing.

Office dog Bertie is just a little older than Henry and the two of them have known each other since they were tiny pups, and played together in the car park of our old offices in Stamford.

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How to control your dog's epilepsy

Dog epilepsy

Epilepsy in a dog can be extremely frightening. Michael Hallam discovers how to bring this incurable condition under control.

Watching your dog have a fit is a scary experience. As well as experiencing shock and panic, owners can feel completely helpless as their pet struggles.

For owners of epileptic dogs this is something they must get used to and try to manage. Many dogs have the condition — it is believed to be more common in dogs than in humans.

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Latest Your Dog Advice

Why do dogs get hot spots?

There are lots of reasons why some dogs are more prone to skin disease such as hot spots, vet Roberta Baxter explains and shares her advice.

Why is my dog's stomach making gurgling noises?

Is your dog's tummy making unusual noises? Then it could be due to an upset digestive system which calls for changes to his diet, explains vet John Burns.

Can I give my dog tinned tuna?

Do you think your dog might not be eating because he's bored of his food? Thinking about giving him something different? Vet John Burns shares his advice. 

Can I set up my own dog walking business?

A good starting point would be to speak to others who are already doing this and pick up tips from them. Explains solicitor Trevor Cooper.

Why doesn't my dog like walking at night?

Many sound-sensitive dogs become worried when it gets dark in the evening, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

Help! My puppy poos inside the house!

As a young pup she may just need a little more time to adjust to the huge change that has just occurred in her life, explains behaviourist Steve Goward.

How do I get my dog to release a fetched ball?

Teaching a dog to release a toy is generally a very simple procedure, but you need to be careful not to create anxiety or mistrust, which could lead to possessive behaviour.


Win £47 worth of Sophie Allport's Labrador collection!

Win £47 worth of Sophie Allport's Labrador collection!

This week we've teamed up with Heart to Home, to give one lucky reader the chance to win a four-piece matching set from the Sophie Allport Labrador collection, worth £47!

Putting a Little Heart in Your Home Every Day

Heart to Home is a selection of lovely - and quintessentially British - things for your kitchen and dining room, sourced from the best of British textiles and pottery designers, whose work is hand-picked for its style, humour and originality.

More than just decorative, the linens and china in Heart to Home's collection are always practical and hard-wearing, because there's not much call for an apron or a tea towel that can't be tossed into the washing machine when it's covered in gravy. Or a dish that can't survive the dishwasher.


Dog training

Why is my dog possessive?

Possessive aggression should always be taken seriously, in any dog — not least because of the way it can so easily and rapidly escalate as a problem, as Carol Price explains... 

VIDEO: Teaching a good recall

Ensuring that your dog understands recall is the most important command you can teach your dog and is also one of the easiest.

Dog Health

How can I make my dog happier in his crate?

Having your dog confined to a crate following injury or surgery can seem like a nightmare. Here are Andrea McHugh’s top tips to help you and your pet get through.

My dog has an unusual growth - what could it be?

It’s always important to get your vet to check any skin mass that comes up suddenly, as skin growths can be due to a number of different causes.

About fleas

Five useful flea-fighting tips

Flea treatments are just the start of your anti-flea campaign; follow our five-step plan to ensure your home stays free of fleas.

Treating fleas with natural products

Your Dog Magazine's Holistic health expert Holly Mash offers some advice on what natural products might help to keep fleas at bay.

Dog Activities

Stay safe on dog walks

Dog walking is often seen as a pleasant, fun activity, which of course it is - but you still need to take care, as Karen Bush explains.

Is agility good for older dogs?

Do you have an older dog that takes part in agility? Are you worried about their fitness? Elizabeth Kershaw offers her advice...