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Controlling your dog's reactivity towards other dogs

Dogs with attitude

Reactive dogs can get their owners into trouble. Trainer Carolyn Menteith and legal expert Trevor Cooper advise on how to avoid it.

One of the most common problems trainers and behaviourists have to deal with is reactivity towards other dogs.

This can be anything from a dog seeming uncomfortable around other dogs and being a little defensive, right up to serious dog-to-dog aggression.

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Carolyn's firewalk for animals in need

Your Dog contributor Carolyn Menteith will soon be taking on a rather different challenge — walking over hot coals for animals in need.

The trainer and behaviourist is taking part in the Firewalk of the Living Dead challenge on Halloween (October 31) in aid of Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare Limited, based in East Sussex.

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New dog control powers come into force

New 'dog asbos' to help police and dog wardens prevent dog attacks have come into force.

Under the new dog control powers — part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill — owners of problem dogs can be ordered to make sure their pets attend training classes, are microchipped and neutered, and/or muzzled, or on a lead in public. Owners are also required to ensure garden fencing is maintained to stop dogs escaping.

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Latest Your Dog Advice

Why do dogs get hot spots?

There are lots of reasons why some dogs are more prone to skin disease such as hot spots, vet Roberta Baxter explains and shares her advice.

Why is my dog's stomach making gurgling noises?

Is your dog's tummy making unusual noises? Then it could be due to an upset digestive system which calls for changes to his diet, explains vet John Burns.

Can I give my dog tinned tuna?

Do you think your dog might not be eating because he's bored of his food? Thinking about giving him something different? Vet John Burns shares his advice. 

Can I set up my own dog walking business?

A good starting point would be to speak to others who are already doing this and pick up tips from them. Explains solicitor Trevor Cooper.

Why doesn't my dog like walking at night?

Many sound-sensitive dogs become worried when it gets dark in the evening, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

Help! My puppy poos inside the house!

As a young pup she may just need a little more time to adjust to the huge change that has just occurred in her life, explains behaviourist Steve Goward.

How do I get my dog to release a fetched ball?

Teaching a dog to release a toy is generally a very simple procedure, but you need to be careful not to create anxiety or mistrust, which could lead to possessive behaviour.


Win tickets to the fabulous Festive Gift Fair!

Festive fair ticket giveaway

The fabulous Festive Gift Fair — the most wonderful shopping fair of the year — returns to Birmingham's NEC for four days from November 20 to 23. We're giving away 10 pairs of tickets for you to join in the fun!

Christmas is all in the preparation, and it takes lots of planning!

Start with a trip to the Festive Gift Fair, and you will see how easy it is to find everything you need for the perfect Christmas, all under one roof.

From the moment you walk into the fair, you will be caught up in the excitement of the day, exploring over 325 stalls full of clever new gift ideas, and decorations that don’t cost the earth. The variety is huge, with something for ALL the family — from babies and teenagers, to parents and grandparents!

And when your bags are full, drop them off at the Present Crèche and continue to shop, stop for a bite to eat, and enjoy the atmosphere created by bands, choirs, and entertainers.

At the fair you will find thoughtful personalised gifts and family heirlooms, have the chance to sample lots of Christmas favourites — from delicious cheeses to tangy pickles — before you buy, and get into the spirit by trying a few of the different delicious wines and beers.


Dog training

Teaching my dog to toilet

When teaching your dog to toilet you will first need to teach him when and where he should go and to be consistent.

Cure for a fear of children

Dogs with a fear of children can be common, particularly if they've experienced a loud or excited child or one that has played rough.

Dog Health

Is my dog too thin?

Is your dog fit, healthy and eating plenty - yet other owner's seem to think he is too thin? Vet John Burns explains...

Why is my dog always getting a stomach infection?

In healthy dogs, tummy upsets generally crop up only rarely if, for instance, a dog eats something he shouldn't...

About fleas

Protecting your dog from fleas

Your Dog Magazine's advice on how to treat a dog with fleas and some helpful tips on how to avoid any further infestations.

Treating fleas with natural products

Your Dog Magazine's Holistic health expert Holly Mash offers some advice on what natural products might help to keep fleas at bay.

Dog Activities

What type of toys are best for dogs?

Dog toys come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. You can choose from novelty, squeaky, chewy, and plush types.

Can dogs compete if they have hip dysplasia?

Are dogs allowed to compete in shows even if they have hip dysplasia? Vet Roberta Baxter explains...