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Your dog can be friends with the vet!

Puppy and vet best friends

Behaviourist Jackie Drakeford explains how your puppy can be best friends with your vet.

It is difficult to make your new puppy’s first experience of the vet a positive one.

From the puppy’s point of view, he has lost his mother, siblings, and everything safe and familiar, and is now under bright lights, surrounded by strange smells and noises, being checked over in a highly intrusive manner by a stranger, and then probably having a needle stuck into him.

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My dog gave me back my confidence

Wendy and Caesar

Wendy Morrell, from Broadstone, Dorset, tells Joanne Bednall about her ‘once in a lifetime’ Golden Retriever from Dogs for the Disabled, who became far more than an assistance dog.

There aren’t many dogs who have seen Niagara Falls, been whale watching in California, scaled Chicago’s Sears Tower, accompanied the 2008 Olympic torch across London Bridge, and alerted their owner to epileptic seizures 35 minutes beforehand — while still putting the milk bottles out every night. But my beloved assistance dog, Caesar, had.

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Keeping calm with your anxious dog

Keep calm, stay cool

The Your Dog team visits a local Yorkie suffering from anxiety issues. 

Whenever Val gets a visitor, Yorkshire Terrier Holly constantly barks and gets herself into such a state that she won’t listen to her frantic owner.

Unsure how to handle the situation, Val shuts Holly behind a stairgate in the kitchen until she quietens down.

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Survival guide to car breakdowns

Survival guide to breakdowns

Many of you will have been enjoying summer holidays and days out with your dogs, but what happens if your car breaks down? Andrea McHugh provides safety tips and advice.

1. Be prepared - Before you set off, make some safety checks to reduce the risk of breaking down. For example, check your tyre pressures and examine the treads to make sure that the tyres and the spare are in good condition.

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Latest Your Dog Advice

How important is it to feed a dog food containing taurine?

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats. Dogs make their own taurine so it is not necessary to add any, even if their diet is vegetarian.

How much should I feed my dog?

Many dog owners find it difficult to get the right advice about feeding, especially when the dog has a diet-related health problem, vet John Burns explains.

Can I leave my dog alone with interactive toys?

The Kong is widely used for dogs who are left alone, to provide them with something to do. Behaviourist Steve Goward gives his advice. 

What's making my dog cough?

Most diseases involving coughing probably relate either to respiratory disease or heart disease, explains vet Roberta Baxter. 

Why is my dog reverse sneezing?

Reverse sneezing is commonly experienced by normal dogs, and is often of no consequence. However it can be more common in dogs with inflammation.

Is lack of exercise making my dog constipated?

It is true that a reduction in exercise can contribute to constipation, explains vet Roberta Baxter. 

Help! My dog destroys things instead of barking!

Many dogs are not particularly vocal and in most cases this is a desirable trait, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith. 


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Dog training

Why does my dog hate our garden shed?

Has your dog taken a sudden disliking to something? It could have been triggered by a number of different things, behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith explains.

Why is my dog refusing to walk?

Does your dog suddenly stop and refuse to walk? Refusing to walk can arise for many reasons, and is most probably a learned behaviour...

Dog Health

Symptoms and treatment of dermatitis

Vet Roberta Baxter advises on how to spot the symtpoms of dermatitis and what treatments you can use.

How long should I feed my dog puppy food?

Whether a puppy food is suitable for adults depends on the formulation, our experts share their thoughts.

About fleas

How do I test for dog fleas?

There is a simple test that you can do at home to establish whether or not your dog has a flea infestation, all you need is a brush and some paper.

Five useful flea-fighting tips

Flea treatments are just the start of your anti-flea campaign; follow our five-step plan to ensure your home stays free of fleas.

Dog Activities

Starting out in dog agility

Would you like to start competiting in agility with your dog? Your Dog magazine answers some of your most commonly asked questions.

How to be the star of a dog show

Karen Bush has some tips for success and advice on what to prepare in advance for your dog show.