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Top 10 mistakes puppy owners make

Trainer Carolyn Menteith reveals the most common mistakes people make when they get a new puppy.

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Your Dog Advent Calendar 2015

Day 1 - Win a luxury conditioning shampoo gift set from Morgan's Dog Boutique!

Win Morgan's Dog Boutique Previous Pet Dog Shampoo!

Today we are giving away a Precious Pets luxury conditioning shampoo gift set to one lucky winner!

The gift set includes 200ml bottles of Luxury Conditioning Dog Shampoo in the following four flavours:

  • Country Garden: featuring lavender, rosemary and juniper berry essential oils.
  • Citrus Sunshine: featuring sweet orange, grapefruit & lime essential oils.
  • Woodlands Walk: featuring patchouli, geranium and lavender essential oils.
  • Vanilla Dreams: featuring a benzoin, bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils.

Please note these dog shampoos are made with high concentration meaning you only need to use a small amount compared to other dog shampoo brands.

The Precious Pet Dog Shampoo does not contain any Parabens or SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate).

For further information, please visit the Morgan's Dog Boutique website, you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Click on today's Advent Calendar window below to enter! Good luck!

The dog behind today's window is Buddy sent in by owner Andy Holt.

Your Dog Advent Calendar
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Latest Your Dog Advice

How do I introduce my dog to a new baby?

If you or someone close to you is expecting a baby it's important to get your dog used to as many babies as possible before the new arrival, particularly if he's unfamiliar with youngsters.

How can I get my dog to be gentler with my cat?

It’s often the dog that comes away from a cat/dog confrontation worse off. If the cat is healthy and has an exit route such as an open door or a table to hop on, she will be more content.

How can I discourage my dog's licking?

Does your dog love to lick anyone he meets, but won't listen when you tell him 'No'? Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith shares her advice on how to solve this problem.

Why does my dog shred her beds?

Certain breeds will thrive on performing the more natural behaviour of tearing apart and de-stuffing any soft item they can find, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

Why won't my puppy play on his own?

Most dogs will not play alone. Dogs are social creatures and find it better to engage with other dogs or their owners, explains trainer Tony Cruse.

How frequently should dogs be vaccinated?

My advice would be to go to a vet you feel you can trust and have a chat about which vaccinations your dog needs, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Why does my dog have blood in his wee?

Blood in/on the urine normally indicates a bladder or kidney problem, and should definitely be checked out by your vet.

Why does my dog mount his bed?

Fleecy beds can be attractive to entire dogs due to their strong hormonal drive. Behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith explains.

Why does my dog hate chair legs?

Your dog may have developed the habit when the metal legs reflected either her image or perhaps light, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

Help! My dog doesn't like me!

Be careful of your body language when interacting with your dog — avoid loud voices, big gestures, and approaching him if he looks worried, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

10 tricks to give your dog the X-factor

With a little time and patience, all pet dogs can learn tricks to give them a little ‘X-factor sparkle’. Teaching tricks can also improve the bond between you, reduce boredom, and decrease the risk of injury as your dog becomes more flexible and develops body awareness.

How do I create a safe haven for my dog?

You may think your dog is unaffected by your hectic home life, but the chances are he needs a retreat. Trainer Tony Cruse advises.

Microchipping your dog

No one wants to lose their pet. But in the event that your dog does go missing, it is commonly agreed that the best chance of finding him is through a microchip – so much so that microchipping will be compulsory for all pets in England as of April 2016.

Dog training

How do I get my dog to release a fetched ball?

Teaching a dog to release a toy is generally a very simple procedure, but you need to be careful not to create anxiety or mistrust, which could lead to possessive behaviour.

Improving my training sessions

Some simple, general tips on using positive training methods with your dog and getting the best out of your sessions.

Dog Health

Help! My dog was bitten on the nose!

Has your dog recently been attacked by another dog, and started to show possible symptoms of further injury? Vet Roberta Baxter shares her advice.

How do I keep my dog calm on Bonfire Night?

If your dog is scared of fireworks, follow our top tips to cope with the noisiest night of the year. Andrea McHugh explains.

About fleas

Five useful flea-fighting tips

Flea treatments are just the start of your anti-flea campaign; follow our five-step plan to ensure your home stays free of fleas.

How do I treat ticks?

Does your dog have ticks? Or are you worried about him getting them? Our experts share their advice on the best treatments for ticks.

Dog Activities

Flyball for the first time?

Your Dog Magazine, with the help of Helen Taylor from Fun 4 All Dog Club, answers your need to know questions about flyball. 

Stay safe on dog walks

Dog walking is often seen as a pleasant, fun activity, which of course it is - but you still need to take care, as Karen Bush explains.

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