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A day in the life of a Rescue Centre Worker

A day in the life of a Rescue Centre Worker

Michael Hallam spends the day with Battersea worker Martin Sanchez-Bell to see how the charity helps dogs on the road to a new life.

With so many pets being given up each year, rescue centres work tirelessly to help as many dogs as they can. With 5,000 dogs passing through its gates every year, the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is no different.

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Latest Your Dog Advice

Help! My dog was bitten on the nose!

Has your dog recently been attacked by another dog, and started to show possible symptoms of further injury? Vet Roberta Baxter shares her advice.

Is my dog's new flea treatment safe to use?

Has your vet changed your dog's flea treatment? Vet Roberta Baxter shares her advice on flea treatment's safety and effectiveness.

Help! My dog's wee is burning our lawn!

There are several possible solutions to this problem, including the protein levels of the food your dog is on, explains vet Roberta Baxter.

Can I feed my dog a mixed diet of raw and prepared food?

Are you thinking about including raw food in your dog's diet, but aren't sure whether to mix it with his prepared food? Vet John Burns shares his advice.

Help! My dog is obsessed with squirrels!

Remember, if your dog is having fun watching the trees, it’s up to you to find a game that is more rewarding than the potential sighting of a squirrel.

All abroad? Don’t forget your dog’s passport.

At home, your dog is probably part of the family, so you may feel sad leaving your pet behind when you’re going abroad on holiday. Having a pet passport means your dog can go to EU countries with you.

My dog barks when I'm not there. What can I do?

There are many reasons why a dog can fail to cope when left alone, explains behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith.

Help! My dog is out of control!

Is your dog out of control? Does he dominate other dogs and take their food, treats and toys? Our experts share their advice.

Why won't my dog walk on her lead?

Dogs who have had poor socialisation often struggle with change and if she has not been used to lead walking or going to different places this is a potentially a frightening time for her.


Win a Dirt Bag Seat Cover from Ruffwear!


This week, we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Dirt Bag Seat Cover from Ruffwear.

With more and more dogs happily accompanying their human companions to places like the office or weekend getaways, Ruffwear is focusing its new product additions in travel.

The Ruffwear Dirt Bag Seat Cover is a durable, waterproof cover that shields vehicle seats from the remnants of dog adventures. Our convertible design can be installed in a traditional or hammock configuration and maintains access to seatbelts. Secure attachments keep the cover in place, and non-slip fabric keeps dogs stable during the ride. Easy to fit and remove, cleans with a shake, or is machine washable.

For more information visit the Ruffwear website, find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


Dog training

Why does my dog bark through the night?

Does your dog bark in the night? Trainer Tony cruse explains how to address the night time environment to nullify potential triggers.

How do I stop problem barking?

All dogs bark, but when it becomes a frequent occurance and impacts on your life, then there are several ways of limiting 'problem barking'.

Dog Health

Stiffness and lameness in older dogs

Stiffness and lameness are common in older dogs, but get them checked out, says Justine Harding — there’s often much that can be done to help.

How do I get rid of my dog's yeast infection?

Yeast infections can relate to a disorder in the natural balance between bacteria and yeasts in the skin and other areas, our experts explain.

About fleas

How do I test for dog fleas?

There is a simple test that you can do at home to establish whether or not your dog has a flea infestation, all you need is a brush and some paper.

What are fleas and how can I prevent them?

This common parasite drives dogs and owners mad, says Kelly Felstead, but the war against fleas can be won.

Dog Activities

10 places to meet other dog lovers

Dogs are a great way to meet new friends, their friendly antics lighten the mood and provide common ground. Here we share 10 places where you're sure to meet other dog lovers. 

Teaching your dog to weave

If you are interested in dog agility, then why not try introducing your dog to weave poles? Carolyn Menteith explains...

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